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Joe Decie

This is my current, temporary drawing space. Working here means that my family have no place to sit and eat but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. It’s an absolute mess. I could kid myself and say that one day I’ll have a neat and organised studio, but it’s never gonna happen. That’s not the way I work. It is clean though, strictly no food stuffs here.

The space in divided into two distinct zones “wasting time zone” and “drawing zone” Much as my computer is necessary for my art, I kind of wish it wasn’t in the same room I draw it, because it’s oh so distracting. Although the room looks a state, that’s mostly piles of notes. My brushes, ink and nib pens are always easy to find. But I do seem to lose pencils.
My drawing tools are as follows: G-Nib pen, Winsor & Newton Indian ink, Rosemary and Co Kolinsky Sable brushes, Arches HP paper, Epson scanners, Tombow eraser, 2H pencil, Apple computer, Wacom intous3, DIY lightbox, Canon G11 camera, notebooks, cheap copier paper, kitchen paper, scrap of old t-shirt.
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