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Pat Aulisio

downstairs at cha-cha’razzi

welcome to cha-cha’razzi, the best under $100-rent artist collective and sometime venue in south philly! its an easy 7 minute bike ride from my house to here, thats my stealth black bike in this pic. this is a general shot of the downstairs area (its a lot bigger with 2 studios and a hallway filled with music equipment hidden behind the walls). this includes the drum set where i practice my blast beats as breaks in between drawing.

common area
this is the 2nd floor common area. there are 6 artist studios on the 2nd floor, mine being behind the crushed red velvet curtains. that shelf behind the trash can is where i keep my comic tabloid collection and various unused paper products.

this is the 2nd floor view from the balcony hallway. ive taken over the table to the left as my comic making area with the paper cutter and long staplers.

my studio
this is a ‘wide’ shot of my studio. its a narrow cubicle like area filled with paper and comics. i literally made the walls and the L-shapped desk from scrap wood i found. directly in front of me is a wall of inspiration, mostly postcards and sketches i’ve picked up at cons and art shows. notice the unopened official box brown hobo wedding whiskey sitting on a weird power outlet thing.

left desk

this is where i haphazardly lay about all my pages in progress and keep my inventory.
i also have about half of my comic library here (the other half being at my house). that bookshelf actually shelfs books 2 rows deep. under the desk is various boxes of my books, regular sized comic long boxes, and post office boxes with mini comics, mini-mini-comics, and over-sized comics.

right desk
this is generally what my desk looks like most the time. you can see my CD’s since im apparently one of the few people left that doesnt have an mp3 player. also notice the beer with the blue label is newbold beer by pbc, its a beer named after the neighborhood cha-cha is in, drink local!

here is a general overview of the stuff i use to make comics. i love the brushes with blue handles, so much so i dont even know the name of them. i use a compass way more then expected to make comics. the precise v7 rolling ball is the pen i used to ink the majority of my comics. white ink gelly rolls are also a secret weapon i use when drawing. also  notice my favorite tool, the lightbox which all tools are on, this box was actually taken from a hospital and was the kind used to look at x-rays.


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