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Jim Woodring

(Wide view)
My drawing studio is on the 3rd floor of our classic money pit of an old house in Seattle’s University district. I resisted the temptation to gussy the place up and put in attractive accoutrements …. this is it in its ragged glory. That white light out the windows is a wall of backlit fog. The cliche is that the Pacific Northwest is a good place for cartoonists because the weather encourages indoor activity.

(Close on board)
The drawing board is a slab of birch plywood on an old hand-hewn pub table. The tilt and position are adjustable by virtue of a block of wood supporting the high end. After years of not quite having a drawing surface that suited me I hit upon this approach and it’s perfect.

(Bookcase and giant pen)
The bookcase holds pocket-sized Moleskine sketchbooks, filled at the rate of at least one per month since 2004. These are my idea batteries. When I need a character or a gag or a springboard I browse through these. The big pen is fully functional and was made by Seattle craftsmen to my specifications with funds provided by an arts organization. God bless America.


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