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Will Dinski

A few weeks ago, I was walking up to my third floor apartment when I noticed a printer in the hallway outside my door. I was angry at it. Who just leaves their shit in the hallway like that? And why does it look remarkably like my printer? It was. The Canon i9900 was the one piece of electronics from my work space that wasn’t stolen from my apartment. It was just dropped in the hallway.

This is my work desk. I get a lot of sunlight from the open windows and enjoy watching the people walk and drive down Lyndale Avenue. It’s snowing in Minneapolis right now so it’s particularly beautiful. On this table, I used to have an Apple 32” Cinema Display, external keyboard and Wacom Tablet.

These are the pens I draw with. They were not burgled. And I mean, “burgled” not “robbed” because I read somewhere that people are “robbed” and places are “burgled.” I’m learning all kinds of things lately.

I have two boxes that I keep small paper/ephemera that I find inspiring. These boxes represent years of memories. They were rummaged through, but nothing of value was found.

This was were I kept my Macbook Pro. It rested on a green pillowcase to keep it from overheating.

I had to borrow a camera to take this photo of where my Canon Rebel XT digital camera used to rest. On the camera was (is?) a EF50mm f/1.8 lens with a white-balance cap.

When I finish a page of a story that I’m working on, I like to clip it them to this wall for a while. It’s a trick I picked up years ago from the backcover photo of an old issue of Cerebus. Apparently, Dave Sim did it all the time. There are three different books represented on this wall right now.

And here, also on the wall, is my Renter’s Insurance Policy. If all goes as planned, everything taken will soon be replace. It’s a good rule that, if you’re a poor artist, who invests all their expendable income towards tools and supplies that will assist in making art, it’s just common sense to insure that investment.

Oh boy, I’m glad that I did.


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