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This was my tiny little university workspace!

I illustrate with charcoals, pencils, and water colors. I also do oil and acrylic painting, but those pieces had kind of taken over the dining area… ^_^

I tried my best to give myself a cozy (yet not too cozy) and inspiring corner for me to illustrate all night. It over looks the corner of Guy St. at Sherbrooke St. and has so many massive buildings with so many windows, structures, and lights. So pretty to look at, yet not too distracting because of its simplicity. I honestly even enjoy the excessive noise the neighborhood brings with it.

Illustratin’ till the break of dawn.

This is Bip Ling and the organized chaos I call my work space.

Almost done!

Take a closer look at me on facebook or my blog.

 Much love and support to y’all.

-Zahra Bundakji.


Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm an artist from Chicago and I have a similar project going on that involves people's work spaces. To get a little meta, I am wondering how YOU work on this project. Do you mainly just take submissions or are you out and about in people's spaces?

we do both. What’s your site?

just keep workin’

Studio is where the art is. 
I draw and paint and sew and build in my four-foot cozy “treehouse”. 

(you can see what i’m working on over at my tumblr, or at my website, www.melissasuestanley.net)

Today I’m just super excited because I finally picked up a massive piece of homasote! 

And now I’m going to go play with my staplegun and a sheet of Arches.  Whee.


Melissa Sue

Raighne and Meghan Hogan of 2d Cloud

Raighne & Meghan Hogan

Raighne and I first shared a studio in a tent in the desert (which was attacked by wild javelinas and destroyed by a microburst). Since then we’ve moved back to the snow and cold of Mpls, gotten married, started a small press publishing company with our friend Justin, and made a lot of books!

Raighne Hogan

Raighne Hogan, co-publisher of 2d Cloud. He’s standing in our old studio in the Thorp Building in NE Mpls. Lots of cartoonists work there, including Big Time Attic & Zak Sally

Raighne making Beard Growing Contest mini-comic

Raighne making his mini-comic “Beard Growing Contest” in our old Thorp Building studio. 

Raighne's Giant Drafting Table

Our current studio! Here you see Raighne’s drafting table, and on it you see his lightbox, drafting easel, various tools and growing pile of papers. Amongst those papers, you glimpse a package filled with cds storing Chris Adams’ ”Strong Eye Contact” book we’re publishing next year, and Will Dinski’s 2d Cloud prints. Whenever you can no longer see his desk, I clean it.

Raighne's computer desk

Raighne’s computer desk, on which you also see his scanner, three different hard drives, and my wacom tablet (his is out of order). This is where he conducts 2d Cloud business and finishes the art process he begins at the desk. He wears headphones but often forgets to turn on the music.

Raighne's drafting easel, various brushes, pens, et cetera

Raighne’s drafting easel his grandfather (or mom’s ex-boyfriend’s dad to be exact) built for him, various brushes, pens, et cetera. Whenever my brushes are too beat up to use or too weird I give them to Raighne. He likes to make textures on paper and these brushes are good for that.

Raighne's tools.

Raighne’s tools. He loves rapidograph pens, brush pens, and his Yasutomo Sumi Ink Stick and Grinding Stone. Underneath the ink cartridge box is a canvas cat puppet that he uses to clean his brushes on.

Meghan Hogan

Introducing Meghan Hogan, aka Startled Maggie and 2D Cloud’s Assistant to the Regional Managers. Here I am designing my flying saucer crochet toy for Schmancy’s Plush You show.

Meghan's Startled Maggie setup

This past winter, I commandeered a corner of Raighne’s studio and his drafting easel to draw the first issue of my “Startled Maggie” comic. Here you see my storyboarding sketchbook on the left and a 3 ring binder with my finished pages on the right. During the making of this comic my health was compromised by the flu, a sinus infection, an allergy attack, a head injury, broken eye glasses, and the shingles, but I still made my deadline with weeks to spare!

Meghan's Tools

My tools for my “Startled Maggie” comic. A jar of 2B pencils - my favorite from the time I was 12, various pens, a kneadable eraser, and a double barrelled pencil sharpener that makes up for its ingenuity by barely working.

Meghan's computer desk.

This is my computer desk, above which you find a table easel, a storyboard in a 3 ring binder, two OTT-LITE’s (with full spectrum lighting!), and this Moby Dick poster by Tom Neely. Under the desk you’ll find a box of canvas panels covered with palettes, a hard drive with scans of my comic pages, and a bin full of great horned owl paintings for my upcoming comic

My giant easel.

My giant easel where I do my painting.

Meghan's Tools

My tools. Golden Heavy Body Acrylics, cheap Utrecht brushes, my trusty plastic palette knife, beloved Loew Cornell Storage Cups, a waxy paper palette, cheerful picnic napkins, and a dirty Shiva Plastic Brush Basin. 

Well that’s it. My next job: to get 2d Cloud co-publisher Justin Skarhus to take Where They Draw on a tour of his studio!

Carmel Jenkins

My converted dining room to art studio
This is my studio space which I have been using for the past 8 years. It is meant to be the dining room of my 2 level townhouse but why waste a good space for just eating. The space holds a gigantic architects cabinet holding more than 1000 drawings (and weighs a ton). On this cabinet holds all my materials…brushes of various sizes, oil paint, acrylic paint, house paint, ink and hundreds of endless shapes of charcoal (my favourite medium) and the rest of the area is reserved for painting and drawing on my easel. In the times I need to do a massive piece I simply put it across the wall. Any remaining space is storage for pieces I love and couldn’t bear to part with, older works, unsold works and pieces that I have done recently. For the first 6 years I used this space I managed to completely ruin the timber floor even though I repeatedly used newspaper to protect the surface. Marks are everywhere and whenever I had inspections when I was renting I tirelessly tried to remove this evidence. Never worked. I always get embarrassed when customers or friends come over to visit as it is the entrance room. It is a organized mess 24/7.

I’m happy to say that I am the proud owner of this place now so no more inspections. I often wish for a studio space outside of my home but then again I also like the fact that I can revisit a work whenever I like.

On the topic of twitterpation!

You can follow us on twitter: @jmshiveley and @GrimalkinPress for art, comics and general all around chicanery


Submissions Note

Lately I have been getting lots of submissions that I would love to feature on this site. Unfortunately they have all been with corrupted image files or missing the images completely. So please, I want to show your studio space but take the time to make sure your image files are good and uploading correctly.

Joe Decie

This is my current, temporary drawing space. Working here means that my family have no place to sit and eat but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. It’s an absolute mess. I could kid myself and say that one day I’ll have a neat and organised studio, but it’s never gonna happen. That’s not the way I work. It is clean though, strictly no food stuffs here.

The space in divided into two distinct zones “wasting time zone” and “drawing zone” Much as my computer is necessary for my art, I kind of wish it wasn’t in the same room I draw it, because it’s oh so distracting. Although the room looks a state, that’s mostly piles of notes. My brushes, ink and nib pens are always easy to find. But I do seem to lose pencils.
My drawing tools are as follows: G-Nib pen, Winsor & Newton Indian ink, Rosemary and Co Kolinsky Sable brushes, Arches HP paper, Epson scanners, Tombow eraser, 2H pencil, Apple computer, Wacom intous3, DIY lightbox, Canon G11 camera, notebooks, cheap copier paper, kitchen paper, scrap of old t-shirt.