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Due to the fact that a lot of the user submitted posts we have been getting have had corrupted/improperly formatted image files we are removing the “submit” button. 

However we still want your submissions!

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Submit pictures of the reading stack on the back of your toilet. Take your time and make em pretty please.

No really, just keep workin’

the treehouse

About a year after my last post http://artistspaces.tumblr.com/post/30499740969/just-keep-workin
I saved up and was able to spread that 4-foot hole into this.  Got some donated furniture and some fresh painting supplies, and have been enjoying it immensely.  

work work work.

There’s constant wip photos and photos of my tables and junk over at my Tumblr.  


SPX is just four weeks away, babies.  Gitcher travelin’ shoes on an’ snatch yer spendin’ britches outta th’ dryer, ‘cause I gots whutchoo NEEEEED!  Press play.

New layout for our MOTHERBOX studio

New layout for our MOTHERBOX studio

Flo’s Workspace

Here is my workspace at university.  I’m working on carving out of plaster and doing some prints from it but my type of work changes with each project.  The clay is coming out next!Flo's Workspace