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T. Edward Bak

I draw at that table sometimes when I’m not overwhelmed, but I tend to draw out and about since I don’t work large, I have a compact set-up. Anyhow, it’s a small space in a large room beside a window overlooking the quiet neighborhood street where I live.

The paint kit is over 10 years old, and I paid something like $3 for that Sumi-e brush and have been using it for almost as long. I also have a Series 7 brush in there that has served me well for a few years.

Current Project!

Joseph Lawrence

Here’s a pic of my portion of the space that I share in NYC.   Greetings to fellow artists in Minneapolis, my old home town.

Lawrence Studio
208 W. 29th St. #504, NY, NY  10001


Marnie Galloway

Earlier this year I moved into a new apartment with a sun room in the front that I’ve adopted as my own studio. It’s amazing—about 8’ x 8’ square with windows on 3 sides, and french doors behind that open to my living room. I used to work in the corner of a small living room with all my supplies crammed in a storage closet, so having space feels ridiculously luxurious, even if the room bakes in the summer and freezes in the winter



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