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Lala Abaddon

I work from bed.  My process takes over a month for each piece, as they are large format prints (the two below are 36x40”), and it very painful and laborious.

"The most recent series of work from artist Lala Abaddon, “Love Tooth” seeks to examine the dual nature of binary relationships with parallels that give shape to their physical existence. A photographer by trade,  she couples many components together in her process, capturing her images through traditional photographic methods,  then editing the large format prints into precise and deliberate pairings.  She then intricately and painstakingly weaves together the prints, compelling the viewer to experience alternate realities or states of being."


Sandra Dillon

I have a beautiful studio in Philadelphia. I escaped from New York a few years ago for
a bigger studio space and I just love it.
I paint with Acrylic at my easel and collage at my work table.


Devi Loftus


Make-shift studio in my 6’ x 10’ dorm room: desk covered in plastic bags & cardboard boxes reshaped as easels


Kelvin Brown

I’m an abstract painter and artist from 29.7628° N, 95.3831° W
At current, I am lucky enough to be a resident artist // studio assistant at Reji Thomas studio (AKA Pine Street Station)
In exchange for the work I do around the studio, I am “paid” in private space within the studio. I can definitely say that the phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” has never been so true.
The studio (located in Austin, TX) has a rich history that dates back to 1979. The owner (Reji Thomas) is one of Austin’s most prolific artists and well-known within the city. Feel free to check out the link to learn more about her.
The studio itself is an artist’s playground. If any of you have ever been down here for SXSW and are familiar with Fader Fort (The Fader uses the studio every SXSW to host their events), then you’ll understand how huge this place is. There is a lot to take in even when there isn’t an event or art workshop taking place. The vibes and surroundings of the studio have been a major influence and inspiration for my art and the resulting works often surprise me.

Maria Serrano Ochoa

My name is María, I’m from Colombia - South America. I’m starting to paint, so I don’t have much of a body of work yet. The materials I use are ink over any paper I find.